TRI Challenges Status Quo

From the TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis

(TRI-HQ)  Dorakk Thol, the Chief of the Bureau of Trade Regulation (TRI-BTR) made an unexpected announcement yesterday. TRI intends to begin limited deregulations of the corporations of TRI. This will have an interesting impact on the pilots of TRI, as competitive forces will be permitted to take over, to a degree.

“Since TRI had been founded, it has operated in a strict regulatory fashion. This served the member factions of TRI, as well as the corporations themselves. While there has always been competition, it has been over-arched with the need for stability. The TRI of today is not the same as the TRI of our fathers. TRI has become over-regulatory, and the member factions feel that this excessive control is a threat to continued stability. Without some deregulation, we fear that we will face a chaotic upheaval within the member factions. As we have seen more and more in recent months,the existing factional trade policies are being cast off for renegotiation.

Effective 104.08.20, TRI-BTR will begin deregulation of the corporations of TRI, and consequently, the member factions as well. While TRI must maintain some control in order to ensure the continued defense of TRI space and the safety of her members, we will no longer strictly oversee the daily operations of TRI member factions, and their producers. We realize this will likely create a period of limited chaos, as the markets will adjust to these new methods of operations, and there could be factions issues with this deregulation, we cannot ignore the lobby which has presented this option.”


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