CLAWS Array Attacked

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(Pulsar Sector) Last night, a lone C-10S Eel attacked the CLAWS array in Pulsar. TRI-CSD is still unable to restore full functionality to the array. Based on pilot reports and sensor logs, the C-10S was unusual in that it was able to maintain an almost constant discharge of its plasma weaponry. Dr. Calatorius had this to say:

“The C-10S that attacked the CLAWS array was a very unusual being. As most pilots are aware, all Conflux that have been encountered to date are unable to maintain a high-level discharge over an extended period. We have always believed that was due to the fact that their weaponry is organic in nature. With what was experienced last night, this could portent an evolutionary development in the Conflux.

The CLAWS array is shielded from Conflux attack, as our TRI stations are. As near as we can surmise, the problem in restarting the array is not due to physical damage as you would think, but it is due to the high level of plasma energy that seems to have overloaded the array.

Also experienced was infestations. This is something that has been noticeably absent in recent attacks. After a review of the nuclear stockpiles we have, we are extremely concerned at our vulnerability in this avenue. TRI-CSD encourages the haulers of TRI to begin work on rebuilding our stockpiles, and ensuring that they are distributed in the most strategic manner. I fear the quiet period we experienced was not the end, rather the beginning.”


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