TRINN Announces Change

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRINN HQ) Tsesher Roftley, the president of TRINN, the official news source of TRI, has announced a major policy change today. In what will start as a pilot program, TRINN will begin offering financial reimbursement for freelance reporter submissions.

“For too long, TRINN has left this tremendous resource untapped. While TRINN, in it’s current structure, is more than capable to keep pace with the current events within TRI HQ, and the factional centers, we feel the public is better served by adding additional reporting abilities. Due to the budget limitations of our department, we are unable to add additional full-time staff to fill this role. We also feel there is the desire of some pilots of TRI to serve the Initiative in this role.

Compensation will be handled on a story-by-story basis, within the following guidelines. TRINN will offer payment from 100,000 to 1,000,000 credits based on story quality and composition. In order to be acceptable, stories must be submitted in a .wrd or .txt format, with correct spelling and grammar. Stories must be usable in their entirety for acceptance. Editorial content will continue to be accepted, but without payment. Any pilot wishing to submit news stories are reminded that personal opinion is not news, and all sources should be checked for validity. Likewise, any quote used must be verifiable. News submissions should be sent to with the subject of news submission. Lastly, the decision of the editorial board of TRINN is final.

It is our hope at TRINN that this pilot program will be a success, and we will be able to continue this as an ongoing program. We will evaluate this success of this program in sixty days.”


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