FlashFires and Cesium Disappear!


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 2


The motives are not yet clear, but an unknown pilot/squad has decided to create a Flashfire shortage by removing Flashfires from stations as well a removing the Cesium needed to produce Flashfires. It is not known whether the continued disappearance of all of the Flashfires that have been made is due to the activity of this squad/individual, or the hoarding of Flashfires by panicking TRI pilots.

Because they are used fairly quickly and because so many TRI pilots have become dependent upon them, control of FF production has become a popular way of bringing TRI to a standstill. The initial effort to control FF production was by the now-defunct Independent Space Union (ISU) and it’s infamous Flashfire Blockade.

While ISU attempted to control by force, the mysterious mover(s) behind the current FF shortage have used the Cesium shortage to its advantage. Cesium now must be painstakingly extracted from Radioactive Ores and it is an extremely time-consuming process.

DSM, Inc. is currently testing production optimization, but early reports were that Amananth produced between 19 and 40 Flashfires per unit of Cesium — dependent upon whether the station was well supplied with food and water.


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