DSM, Inc. Publishes Mining Research


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 2


DSM, Inc., one of the foremost mining organizations in TRI space, recently published its research on ore compositions and mining yields. Professional and “occasional” miners have hailed the report as invaluable.

“People are beginning to realize that without dedicated miners, the ‘Reconstruction’ will, inevitably fail,” said Grizwald Gonzalez — founder and CEO of DSM. “I founded DSM because I believe the Quantar faction is superior than the others at generating base commodities through mining; and because the galaxy will most benefit from Quantar mining efforts if haulers are provided sufficient quantities of base commodities in key centralized locations that make it profitable for them to take commodities where they are needed.”

Gonzalez went on to say that the DSM research was made public because DSM felt that fostering competition in the mining market was good for TRI and good for his company.

According to DSM officials, the mining research was conducted at DSM’s Quanus Amani station, by actually mining the various asteroid types, sending all types not being studied at the time to Q-SDS, and then refining the type being studied and recording the amounts of commodities created. The pricing figures on the report for commodities is the unmodified price (no /setprice) TRI sets as default at POS stations. The prices for the ore itself are based on figures from selling ore to Amananth station.


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