Attempts to Derail Geneticorp Rebuffed


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 2


Quantar forces were unable to stop a well-organized, well-funded operation delivering an advanced new security system to the Geneticorp headquarters. The Unregulated Unaffiliated News Net (UUNN) filed the following report on 104.7.29:

This past Tuesday night saw many curious events revolving around the on-going GeNetiCorp saga. As usual, Hyperial space was hopping with activity and conflict between Solrain forces aiding the Amber Fist geneticist Dr. Glasgow Nifirti and Quantar forces aiding the Fourth Tribe. UUNN has tried to piece together as accurate a picture of events as possible base on all the eyewitness reports (and perhaps a few rumors) we could gather.

It seems that Solrain began the evening with a triple pronged attack that then converged later. One Solrain group led by DragonEye and 3rd Battalion was apparently sent on a secretive mission to Amananth. A second wing consisting of Solicidal ships began the evening in Octavian space stopping possible Quantar assistance from that quarter (OEC and Quantar forces were seen flying together against Solicidal earlier in the week). And the third group, composed of DragonEye was sent to the constant hotbed of Hyperial space where they had their decoy cargo (Solrain basic flight equipment) stolen by Quantar burglar craft and then had most of their fleet destroyed by Quantar fighter craft. Yet, though much scanning of shipping was done and a little theft performed, Quantar forces did not utilize pirate registry hacks resulting in more than one bounty being issued by the STCC.

Solicidal reinforcements were sent to Hyperial with the next DragonEye convoy and eventually drove out the Quant forces. At that point, the Quants apparently believed that their window of opportunity had slipped past them, because the bulk of the Solrain fleet was later seen hastily using the Docking MODX Custom Producer in Ekoos Stop and flying off toward Hyperial space virtually unopposed. Though 3rd Battalion was held in ready reserve against the possibility of another Quantar attack, it simply did not materialize.

Dr. Nifirti commented only that his station’s newly upgraded security measures would prevent even TRI officials from being able to defeat the standard POS security /invitation system. GeNetiCorp is reportedly stocking up on Solrain Stout for a massive grand opening ceremony slated for August 13th.

Fourth Tribe representative Charlov said only that Quantar should be proud of the determination and honor displayed by its pilots, and issued one final warning to Nifirti. “Sometimes pockets have holes and keys slip through them. Submit your entire laboratory to a neutral TRI sponsored investigation or we will rain fire upon your heathen parade. Friday the 13th indeed.”


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