Shield Upgrade Workers Shuttled Out

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(OCT CORE)  In an unexpected move, station authorities today halted work on a TRI defense shield upgrade and literally sent the work crews packing. Station Governor Hasdrubar Carto issued the sudden change to work orders, instructing the crews to dismount all equipment related to the shield enhancements prior to assembly for shuttle transport planetside on Ares Prime. Parts not of Octavian manufacture were mainly being put on courier manifests back to Solrain Core. No comment could be obtained from Governor Carto’s office, and speculation has arisen that the order terminating this major TRI project came from very senior officials in the Imperial government.

TRI Defense Coordinator Tache Uzelin protested the Octavian action, remarking, “This project represented a major line of defense being implemented against the Conflux. Stopping the defense construction at Octavius Core from political motives is not just self-defeating, but definitely one of the worst ideas to come from the Octavians in a long time.”

However, Oct Core Station crew chief Garvin Mencius had a very different reaction: “The Empire has the best pilots in space. We don’t need foreign-made junk as part of our defenses.”

The now-terminated shield upgrades at Octavius Core were part of an extensive TRI defense project that had begun with upgrades to Wake and Outpost Stations.


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