Famine Averted on Cinatus, Rationing to Continue

From the TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis

(CINA, CINATUS)   Speaker Nestro Zagabi lifted a weeks-long news blackout on Cinatus long enough today to make public an announcement on the state of the grain crisis. Speaker Zagabi made a statement that sufficient supplies have now reached Cinal Spaceport from abroad to fend off a famine for the next quarter-year. General shortages remain, but seed grain has also been delivered, and is being sowed at once where the season is appropriate. In addition, Speaker Zagabi expressed the Emperor’s gratitude to the pilots who chose to render aid, saying, “Emperor Cineon has asked me to convey his appreciation to the pilots who chose to answer his call. Cinatus will remember those who aided us in our time of need. Cinatus will also not forget there were those who chose otherwise.”
Cina and other major population centers remain under martial law and curfew at the orders of Emperor Cineon, though activity on the streets of all cities have appeared essentially normal for some weeks. There remains no formal reaction from either Emperor Cineon or the central Octavian government on Ares Prime to Academician Dr. Basileus Lignius’ publication of findings indicating the blight virus may have been a modification of a microbe from Kapenja, a Quantar world. Quantar officials from Kapenja have categorically denied any involvement.


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