Sentients Siege Hyperial

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(Hyperial)  Hyperial Station is again the center of attention, though this time due to an unprecedented attack waged by Sentient Conflux. Based on station sensor logs, and eyewitness pilot reports, Hyperial was attacked by a Sentient Conflux fleet consisting of one C-18S Stingray and two C-8S Kraken. According to initial reports, the C-18 had the same ability to fire parasite missiles, as the C-17S does, however the C-18 missiles were much more powerful, also dealing splash damage similar to a nuclear missile. The damage to Hyperial Station was severe. Dr. Kelvin Rauder released the following statement:

“Hyperial Station has been severely damaged in tonight?s attack by the Conflux. Sectors B and C have been completely destroyed, and there is major damage to sectors A, D, and E. Our market facilities are more than 65% damaged, and we have suffered large losses of Magnesium, Laser Components, Dream and Rush Engines, and ScrewDriver missiles. We anticipate more losses will be uncovered as we continue our complete damage assessment. The production facilities on Hyperial Station received many direct impacts, and it will likely be days until the full degree of damage is known.

I blame TRI for this destruction. TRI has had access to station shielding technology for months, yet they refuse to share this with us. Thousands of lives could have been saved with the station shielding, and now their blood is on the hands of TRI. This injustice will not go unanswered.”

TRI officials were unavailable for comment, though TRI-Conflux Studies Division (TRI-CSD) is reported to be analyzing the data from tonight’s brutal attack.


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