Hyperial Alleges Wrongdoing

From the TRINN Archives

By Alexa A’vros

(Hyperial)  Dr. Kelvin Rauder, the President of Hyperial, is calling for an investigation into alleged criminal activities against pilot Dr-McManus of the squad New Dawn for his actions taken during the Sentient attack on 104.07.25.

“We have been beset with the most brutal attack we have seen in many years, and while we sift through the rubble and attempt to restore order, and treat our injured, I am receiving reports that while Hyperial Station was under siege from the Conflux, that Dr-McManus of New Dawn was aiding this attack by pummeling our station with his own stock of nuclear missiles. While the standard nuclear missile is not capable of damaging stations due to the shielding in place, given the weakened state of our station defenses from the sentient attack, it is likely that his weapons only served to add to the destruction.

We demand that TRI immediately convene a panel to look into this matter. New Dawn claims that they protect all of space from the Conflux. It would appear that this is a selective policy. We will also conduct our own investigation into this matter. Chief Justice Maximilian will begin a formal review of this matter once we are able to restore basic station operations.”

TRI has not issued a formal response to this request.


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