Cornea Victim Of Brief Assault

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

(Cornea Station)  In a late-night attack, Sentient Conflux staged an assault on Solrain Cornea Station. The blitz started in the Lesser Locks sector, where pilot TeaJae engaged the Sentients while heading to Solrain Core Station. The Sentient battle group, consisting of a single C-17S and two C-8S Conflux, infested the gates en route to their destination of Cornea Station. According to witness reports, and station logs, the Sentient battle group, upon arrival at Cornea Station, began a merciless assault upon the station. Severe damage was done to levels 17-22, specifically the market areas.

“”While a detailed list of damages are not yet available, we can say that our markets lost significant amounts of Chromium, Cobalt, and Gravitational Components. Full stocks were saved due to the prompt response of pilots from Solicidal, Dragoneye, and New Dawn. I shudder to think that damage that could have been done to our local economy without the actions of these brave pilots,” said Elia del Babon, Governor of Solrain Cornea Station.

The Sentient attack was unusually short, lasting only thirty minutes. TRI-CSD attributes this to the projection of force brought by the defenders of Solrain. A brief memo from Dr. Aulus Calatorius stated:

“”The rapid response from the pilots of Solrain, we believe, was the lynchpin in being able to shorten the assault on TRI space from the Conflux invaders. We would encourage pilots of all factions to follow this model in future attacks, with the hopes that it will minimize the impact the Conflux menace can offer.”


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