Continued Attacks Plague Aid Shipments

From the TRINN Archives

by Rafel Solamis

(TRI-HQ)  In an interesting development to the conflict of aid to the citizens of Cinatus, the following statement was released from Imogen Hugin, STCC speaker:

“We are very concerned at the actions of the pilots of Solicidal. They have stood in strong defense of the Commonwealth throughout their proud history. For them to abandon her without explanation, and fire on their brethren is disconcerting. We understand that they feel strongly in matters of the Octavian Empire, and that passion is what has made them great warriors for our defense. They are, however, beginning to disrupt our economy. We have surplus quantities of grain, which our pilots can make a profit hauling to Outpost Station, where we can simultaneously help the troubled citizens of Cinatus. At this time, I, on behalf of the entire STCC, urge the pilots of Solicidal to return home. There is no need for this conflict to cost more that is already has.”

 Also released today was a statement from Emperor Clements IV:

“The continued treachery exhibited by pilots of Solicidal must be stopped by all means necessary. It is unconscionable that they would continue to disrupt the aid shipments that will save many lives on Cinatus. I have received a communication that OEC command staff moved Solicidal to War status. I would encourage all Octavians to take up this battle and rally to the aid of the citizens of Cinatus. I will offer the pilots of Solicidal this one opportunity to cease and desist. You will be hunted if you continue. I will also take every administrative action I can to stop your brutal attacks on our citizens.”


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