Cinatus Dissenters Act, Pilots Rally

From the TRINN Arcives

By Rafel Solamis

(TRI-HQ) A growing number of Solrain pilots have seized upon the bounty offered by the Octavian Empire, and have begun daily grain deliveries to the Outpost Station, for the assistance of the citizens of Cinatus. Today, members of the squad Solicidal made a daring raid on the grain reserves of the Outpost Station, in an attempt to disrupt relief efforts of the beleaguered planet. From initial reports, pilot SpaceDrake intercepted 8ohms leaving the Outpost Station with a load of grain. After attempts to resolve the matter civilly, tensions escalated to violence and the shipload of grain was destroyed.

“In this time of need, it has been heartening to see the rallying of the forces of TRI to aid the citizens of Cinatus. I cannot fathom how a group of pilots can undertake such a callous move as to attempt to disrupt the delivery of that aid.” Said Zinobia Zvera, Outpost Station governor.

Imogen Hugin, STCC speaker, commented “The proud Solrain defenders of Solicidal seem to view this as another tactic to help thin the numbers of a traditional adversary. While we feel the incentive offered by the Empire of Octavia provides sufficient encouragement for the members of Solrain to participate in this noble cause, we can also understand how some would see this as a means to effect a greater victory.”


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