Geneticorp Unveiled


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 1


Hyperial geneticist Dr. Glasgow Nifirti proclaimed he had achieved a breakthrough enabling jump pilots to return planetside. Then, insecure communications exposed two Hyperial warring splinter groups: Amber Fist and Fourth Tribe.

The Amber Fist (of which Nifirti is a member) was accused of being the modern remnant of the ‘bloody heathens’ of pre-Great Collapse Hyperial who broke away from traditional Quantar religion and embraced human mutilation/sacrifice resulting in a near genocidal war won by the Quantar forces led by Roh and his instrument of wrath, Orus the Lion. The Amber Fist denied that any impropriety exists in their modern organization.

The Fourth Tribe is a modern day pro-Quantar Hyperial group claiming to have an unbroken heritage back the days when Hyperial was literally colonized by a fourth Quantar expedition (TriPoint and Corridor being the first two with the third being lost in deep space forever) and claiming to have stayed loyal to Quantar through the bloody times and the Great Collapse to the present.

The discovery of and the ultimate destruction of Nifirti’s hidden genetics laboratory station was the openly stated goal of the Quantars who rallied to the Fourth Tribe?s aide. They believe Nifirti?s work to be an abomination against humanity, and are convinced they will discover evidence to prove it.

Guarding the secrecy of the station, supplying it with construction materials for its upgrade from a research laboratory to a full scale production facility, and protecting it from the Quants have kept the Solrains who work for Nifirti busy. Each side has many agents always trying to infiltrate and tap the communications of the other, so Sol and Quant forces have clashed many times over the course of the past several weeks in the name of the Hyperials they represent.

  • Nifirti proclaims a genetic breakthrough enabling jump pilots to return planetside. Insecure comms expose the Hyperial groups Amber Fist and Fourth Tribe.
  • Nifirti places a 1mil cr. bounty on Sentient Conflux in Hyperial/GVB.
    Amber Fist forces defeat the Fourth Tribe’s cargo mission. It is believed a small follow-up cargo mission was unopposed.
  • Nifirti seeks investors, claiming he can be operational by the end of July.
  • Amber Fist forces blockade Hyperial against Quants. Is it over beacons?
  • Amber Fist hinders Fourth Tribe efforts to locate Nifirti’s lab through beacon telemetry, but some data was collected anyway.
  • Fourth Tribe rangers evade Amber Fist fighters in a manual search for Nifirti’s lab.

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