Blight on Cinatus Leads to Violence


Darkspace Dispatch Vol. I, Number 1


On 104.5.26, the Octavius Ministry of Agriculture announced that the grain harvest on the Octavius planet Cinatus was found to be infected with a blight virus. Riots broker out shortly thereafter and the Cinatus militia was called in to establish control.

Octavius Emperor Cineon made a bold plea for the end of politicking, calling for Octavians and their allies to start doing something about the impending shortage. Emperor Clements IV formally asked TRI to make grain and food imports a priority in its mission computer queue.

The Solrain STCC made a conditional offer of help, but as TRI pilots from all factions began hauling grain to the Octavians, fighting broke out as the pro-Solrain group SoLiCiDal vowed to disrupt the effort by commandeering or destroying any ships found to be carrying grain to the Octavians.


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