Thrice Seven Leads Assault on Outpost Station

by Icefoxen

The attack began at approximately 0:00 Ekoos time. It started out with waves of smaller Conflux ranging from C6 through 12s. Initially the assault appeared to be a standard attack, but as the onslaught continued a number of Jellyfish were spotted and quickly downed. For a moment, it seemed as if the Conflux attack had ceased, before another C-0 Jellyfish appeared. After the Jellyfish was destroyed, another wave of Conflux jumped into Outpost sector (OP) in what looked like retaliation upon the pilot who downed the Jelly.

After four to five waves of Flux attacks proceeding in this fashion – the destruction of a lone Jellyfish followed by a wave of retaliation – an entire squadron of Jellyfish jumped into OP. All five of the Jellies were quickly dispatched, and in reply a massive attack was launched by Ipuki-Hanh. “You will fail,” Ipuki-Hanh was reported as saying. “We will have what we want.” From this point onward, large groups of C13 through C28 units were active in OP, as well as at least one Conflux probe.

Given the deployment of recon units in force and the enemy’s response to destruction of said units, Conflux experts at SNN believe that the enemy was attempting to scan the CLAWS prototype array under construction at Outpost Station. Whether attempts to prevent this were successful or not has yet to be determined.

Regardless, after two hours of fierce fighting and two complete isolations of OP from the rest of TRI via infestations, the Conflux appeared to be beaten back aside for a single C18. Attacks upon the C18 revealed that the shields equipped on the unit were beyond anything seen on standard sentient craft. It was quickly concluded that the Conflux in question was Ipuki-Hanh, and all available firepower was brought to bear on the Thrice Seven. Any attempts to nuke Ipuki-Hanh failed, though his host was finally destroyed and killed by Biteme of Solicidal after a strenuous firefight between Ipuki-Hanh and at least a full squadron of TRI fighters. Biteme was quickly awarded one million credits and fifty-thousand points of “xp” toward his next rank for the “kill” shot on the Thrice Seven. The battle finally ended after two and a half hours of fierce fighting, at approximately 02:30 Ekoos.

Dozens of pilots from squads such as Stormraiders, GOD, OAS, ION, Brotherhood, Solrain Guard, Solicidal, Drake’s Dragoons, OEC, New Dawn, and a multitude of independents participated in the battle. Special thanks is well-deserved to pilot FS_mR_kAt and other pirates who assisted in the battle, who despite their status as a pirates, joined in TRI’s defense of Outpost Station and Project CLAWS. Such a show of solidarity from humanity against the Conflux menace is encouraging in increasingly dark times.

Pilot -Doc- offered great assistance as well, delivering much-needed supplies (such as Flashfires) to Outpost station even amidst large Flux assault wings. Firestorm of OAS destroyed at least two infestations, and might have been responsible for a sentient kill as well (unconfirmed).

Pilots Syphus, Wut, Feldman, Manawski, dahalb, TheTickBR3, and FS_mR_kAt are credited with a single sentient “kill,” while pilots Squik and Icefoxen were credited with two sentient “kills.” Biteme of Solicidal downed the sentient host that was thought to contain Ipuki-Hanh. It is worthy to note that Wut, Manawski, and TheTickBR3’s sentient kills were their first.

TRI medals are deserved all around here as far as this reporter is concerned. All pilots involved in the defense of Outpost Station and the Project CLAWS prototype array under construction inside are to be commended for a job well done. It was my pleasure and honor to fly into battle alongside each and every one of you against the greatest threat humanity as ever known.

Upon deployment of Shark-class units, Ipuki-Hanh might have thought he was showing TRI that the Conflux were not to be trifled with. As the dust of a truly epic battle settles here tonight at Outpost Station, it is fairly obvious that the exact opposite is the case.

This is your correspondant John “Icefoxen” Robertson at a wartorn Outpost Station, signing off.


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