TRI Addresses Sentient Attacks


ALL SECTORS (TRI-FP) – Stations are reporting the presence of a possible new breed of sentients after attacks in the Sea of Solrain, Omni V, The Dark Fork, the Gyre, and Amananth.

Tache Uzelin, Divisional Leader of the TRI Ministry of Defense, has called upon leading scientists to investigate Monday night’s bizarre attacks. Uzelin wishes to thank all pilots who came to the defense of the galaxy, especially the brave Octavian squads present in the Dark Fork eager to prove their new marketing image of “We Eat Conflakes for Breakfast”.

In response to leader Uzelin’s request, Aeolsah, a Solrain science officer and assistant to TRI Research Board member Nevin Yrral, reports an expedition will be led this week from Solrain territory to Amananth to help uncover the reasons behind the unorthodox behavior of these sentients . All Solrain pilots are requested to help Aeolsah as necessary to ensure the safety of the pilot through unregulated space, and against the conflux. The time and date have been left unannounced as further precautionary measures.

When questioned about a possible connection of the conflux to the Solrain, Aeolsah responded, “Preposterous! Obviously there are radars going haywire. No conflux would show up as a Solrain ship, unless it was an elegantly constructed illusion by the conflux. Alas, we aren’t even sure they’re capable of such a thing. More study is needed.”

Monday night’s attacks have exhibited new behavior patterns among the conflux, including close appearances near stations, and flying through jumpgates to Amananth. Are we dealing with a new breed of sentients, or have the conflux simply changed their tactics? TRI has issued a safety advisory for the areas affected by the sentient attacks in conjunction with the inclement weather exhibited in these locales making conflux approaches very hard to see.


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